About e-nGauge Software

Talent Acquisition and recruitment is all about people, selecting the most suitable person, for the most appropriate job opportunity. The key word is people. It is professional recruitment consultants that will get the best from the e-nGauge recruitment software, through the successful and quick placement of people.

Let us think briefly: the customer has a job vacancy, and the recruitment agency has reams of Curricular Vitae spread amongst many consultants – how does one match the most suitable candidates to the job specifications and quickly?

This is where e-nGauge recruitment software offers exceptional communication facilities, Curriculum Vitae and consultant management features, all tailor made to suit the operational style of your consultancy – it can be as petite and as simple as you need or as powerful as you wish it to be.


Recruitment Software


e-nGauge software offers:

  • Receives employment opportunity specifications from your clients
  • Formats and distributes job requirements to job boards, media vendors and other nominated outlets
  • Imports Curricular Vitae: reformats them to your specific requirements
  • Collates data in the manner specified by the consultant- which can include highlighting of skills, experience, salary desired, location, availability and offers a compatibility rating of candidates if required
  • Automatically sends alerts to consultants of suitable applications received via its independent self-updating and collation facility
  • Offers custom 360 degree view of the candidate on one screen
  • Can be user, recruiter or employer specific in its functionality
  • Offers vast, flexible and quick search/sort analysis and reporting functions
  • An electronic diary that automatically diarises appointments, follow-up interviews and other related general administrative driven data
  • Contracts and correspondence can be prepared and programmed to be communicated either by email, fax, auto-posted to all relevant parties
  • Tracks candidate/interview progress