The key to success is well managed relationships, and the best way to improve your relationships is to use a powerful, feature rich, toolset to manage, automate and customise your database quickly and easily, like the e-nGauge Talent Acquisition and Recruitment software.

Your team Diary, Desktop, Dashboards, Clients, Candidates, Vacancies, Applicants, Searches, Lists, Tracking, Work Flows, Processes, CRM, Key Performance Indicators and Business Information can all be enhanced through utilising the e-nGauge system.

We at e-nGauge are here to assist you to enhance your relationships while we manage:

  • Your business
  • Human and intellectual capital
  • Relationships and activities
  • Searches, lists and databases
  • Candidates, skills and vacancies
  • Metrics and key performance indicators
  • Risks and rewards
  • Social media

Manage Recruitment Software

We at e-nGauge will make sure you catch the bus.

A reputation for service delivery excellence guarantees repeat business. “opportunities are like buses – there’s always another one coming” – richard branson