The complete Recruitment CRM and ATS SolutionBuild, secure & protect your own permanent and unique CV database.

e-nGauge, specialists in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Applicant Tracking software, puts your candidates on the table first via their fast, all attribute embracing consultancy-wide shared software.

  • No more waiting for the morning meeting to discuss candidates on the books.
  • No more waiting for a crucial consultant to return to the office.
  • No more manual traditional appointments needing to be set.

With the e-nGauge CRM recruitment software you will be first out of the starting blocks because it is so easy to share candidate information as quickly as you receive it with your colleagues with e-nGauge’s innovative shared software system. It is a one-stop-shop-software giving your recruitment activities the quick edge on the more traditional, slower, offerings… but wait …there is more… because you are on the ball… you retain your customers due to your efficiency.

Simple to set-up / Simple to use / Simple to share / Simple to update / Unlimited custom screens / Unlimited custom workflows / Unlimited custom data items / Unlimited key performance indicators / Unlimited CV formats / Unlimited document centre / Full CRM / Full applicant tracking / Full search and select / Automated data population

Winning the skills war has never been easier The e-nGauge Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Software that sets your consultancy apart – making your servicing as bespoke and as powerful as you want it to be
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It is not who you know… but with what software you e-nGauge!

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Recruitment Software, Customer Relationship Management Software, Applicant Tracking Software

Talent Acquisition and recruitment is all about people, selecting the most suitable person, for the most appropriate job opportunity.

So now you see what e-nGauge can do for you and your recruitment consultant, now see what e-nGauge offers your consultancy.

Recruitment Software, Customer Relationship Management Software, Applicant Tracking Software

e-nGauge has in-depth experience in, multiple essential disciplines. Including Business Administration.

The company develops high performance and specialised software for industry. “Giving you the Speed to Win the Skills War and become the Leader of the Pack.”
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From our Clients

David Shuttleworth

“We chose e-nGauge because of the comfort and reliability we had built up with the e-nGauge platform. It is simple, clean, accurate, reliable, flexible and fast.”

David Shuttleworth Operations Director - BPS Recruitment Process Management, Berkshire, UK
Natasha Williams

“After a lengthy evaluation, DAV selected e-nGauge in 2005 as our CRM Recruitment Software Application of choice. DAV recommends e-nGauge as a highly effective software solution to manage, customise and automate recruitment business processes”

Natasha Williams Chief Projects Officer - DAV Professional Placement Group, Cape Town, SA