David Shuttleworth

“We chose e-nGauge because of the comfort and reliability we had built up with the e-nGauge platform. It is simple, clean, accurate, reliable, flexible and fast.”

David Shuttleworth Operations Director - BPS Recruitment Process Management, Berkshire, UK
Natasha Williams

“After a lengthy evaluation, DAV selected e-nGauge in 2005 as our CRM Recruitment Software Application of choice. DAV recommends e-nGauge as a highly effective software solution to manage, customise and automate recruitment business processes”

Natasha Williams Chief Projects Officer - DAV Professional Placement Group, Cape Town, SA
Simon Alderman

“An attractive feature is the scalability of e-nGauge and the inbuilt ability to replicate data between servers, laptops and mobile devices. I would strongly recommend it.”

Simon Alderman Group IT Manager - Opera Holdings Ltd, Manchester
Clive Jefferys

“Our use of the e-nGauge CRM product has allowed us to dramatically increase our success over and above what could have been traditionally expected from a company of our size. Due to the automated data capture features we now have a database of over 70,000 candidates to our exact matching criteria. We have also reduced our back-office costs and increased our sales effectiveness. The e-nGauge IT Solution and e-nGauge people are all about you and your people.”

Clive Jefferys Managing Director - JMA Network - People for Telecoms, London, UK

It is not who you know… but with what software you e-nGauge!