See What We Mean

So now you see what e-nGauge can do for you and your recruitment consultant, now see what e-nGauge offers your consultancy:

  • Speed – from your desk to your customers desk – first in first served
  • Key Performance Indicators offered by e-nGauge enable you to assess and manage your consultancy service levels and consultant performance making it a strategic management tool
  • Saves you time and money – less administrative chores through utilisation of the software’s automated updates and communications tools
  • Everyone has access to the same information thereby eliminating delays
  • Quicker and accurate match ratings generating more commission resulting in bigger profit margins (and you can calculate the shared commission!)
  • Produces industry trends
  • The software is customised to be a simple in operation as you need it or as expansive to meet your customer database requirements.
  • It is extremely operator friendly
  • Self-populating software thereby making it less labour intensive to navigate
  • The software will be personalised for your needs and can be refined at a later stage

The software can be purchased or rented depending on your requirement, and full consultant training is offered by the e-nGauge team. Remote global support is also available.

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e-nGauge is the quickest talent acquisition system available.

Giving you the Speed to Win the Skills War and become the Leader of the Pack